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Shimmers lined up with product visible insideWhen I was contacted and asked to do a beauty review of Lionesse products, I was over the moon excited. I had heard great things about this brand, and was extremely excited to begin.  I have been producing beauty reviews for a while now aside from being a full time beauty blogger, but this was a product I was exceptionally happy to test and review. Without further ado, here is my experience with Lionesse Eye Shimmers.

First of all, shipping was lightning fast – and the products were well packaged to prevent any damage (thanks, guys!). As soon as I received the box from Fed Ex, I was tearing into it like a little kid on Christmas! I even Tweeted that Christmas came early for me once I received the products.

The first thing I noticed about the products once removing them from the box is that they are so much more beautiful in person. The pictures on their website were beautiful, but in person, it was a completely different –yet good – experience in terms of luminescence and color.

Once unwrapping each individual color pot, I just had to open each one and look at them. I was blown away at the beautiful speckles of color throughout, and noticed how some of the color pots even had speckles of another complimenting color in them. They were so brilliant and illuminating. I absolutely was in love at first sight!

Lionesse Shimmer SH-20The first shade I attempted was the gold shimmer powder, number SH-20. It quickly became and still is my favorite out of the 5 colors I received. It had amazing blending capabilities, went on smooth, and held its color – even without a primer underneath and absolutely no foundation whatsoever – and completely blew my mind with its capability of bringing out the gold in my eye color. I adore this color and will definitely be a longtime customer of this particular color. It also looked fantastic with my jet black liquid liner, and could even be used to highlight the cheekbones, if you feel so inclined. Overall, an amazing shade – especially for the Holiday season! I plan on wearing a lot this month.

Lionesse Shimmer SH-17The second shade I tried was the purple shade, SH-17. It doesn’t look like it when it’s in the pot, but this color is vibrant, dark, and holds its color exceptionally well. In my personal opinion, it’s comparable to MAC’s Purple Haze. The only difference is…it’s better! This gorgeous color has speckles of indigo blue throughout and shimmers beautifully. This was definitely my second favorite shade, and will go beautifully with some black eye shadow to contrast, and black liner. This will definitely be a going-out type of favorite. It’ll even do for the Baltimore Ravens games I tend to frequent when they’re in my area!

Lionesse Shimmer SH-10Third, I used the SH-10, which is a shimmery copper color that had silvery flecks throughout. Astounding with my skin tone, this color provides something subtle while maintaining a classy, done up look. I personally feel this shade could be used to wear to the office, and even to church. It’s brilliant, yet toned down enough so that it isn’t overwhelming. This could be worn with a brown liner to give it a maximum standout look.  Great for brown, honey, amber, or hazel eyes, this is another shade just perfect for the Holiday season this year as metallic are very much in.

Fourth was the SH-09. When I used this one, I instantly felt glammed up felt ready for a photoshoot – yes, it was that good! I love how its mainly an illuminator and can be used to accent the brow bones, cheekbones, or eyelids. You can use it on the inner corners of your eyes for that added pop of stunning, or if you’re feeling fun and flirty, lightly dust it on your upper chest area when you’re going out at night. I believe I will also be ordering more of this shade when I run out! It’s a keeper.

Last, but certainly not least, was SH-11. This rosy colored hue mixed with the silvery sparkles is something every girl can enjoy. I love this shade for times where you want to look and feel feminine. Pair this with some rosy pink lipstick and a good blusher, and you’re girly girl in a few minutes flat without taking forever to look your best. I love the sheer and smooth texture and I blended this with some off white cream shadow. Superb! If you run out of blush, you could feel free to try using this one as a supplement. I guarantee you will love the end result, and will find it absolutely fabulous!

These products contain nothing but minerals, so they are good for your skin and you don’t have to worry about allergic reactions or breakouts. According to the Lionesse website, these shimmer products contain a mere 4 ingredients – Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxides, Iron Oxides. That’s it. Pure and simple goodness in each jar, Lionesse really pulled through with these products. It’s important to me to use mineral based, natural products as much as possible to ensure my semi-sensitive skin doesn’t incur breakouts. Lionesse is perfect for me because it was easy on my skin, and gave smooth, even coverage that I adore.

5 Lionesse Shimmers filled over to show the bottoms with color namesAs an added tip, you could use this amazing shimmer powder in your hair with an updo! Simply dust some on and watch it work its magic as your hair shimmers in the sunlight. These products would make great Christmas gifts, or even stocking stuffers, and chances are once you’ve tried them, you will be hooked.

I am giving the Lionesse Eye Shimmers my own personal seal of approval – they’re A-OK with me! Great price, great experience, great color, and fantastic product. What more could a beauty buff like me really ask for?

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